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Me, Me, All About Me

Once upon a time, I saw a status update from a friend asking this: “Moms, what would you like as a gift for Mother’s Day?” The answers were hilarious:
Ten minutes of uninterrupted shower time.

A bottle of wine and a pair of noise-canceling earphones.
A haircut.
One night out with no children.

What may seem normal to others is a rarity to the ever multi-tasking mother who wishes a day had more than 24 hours. Mothers are always thinking of everyone’s needs, with hers coming in last. For this round of BetterMe features, we are highlighting the premise of our tagline: Better Me, Better Mom, Better Generation.

Being a mother has affected all aspects of our lives once we had children. It has affected the way we do things, the way we schedule our days, the way we dress, and the way we think. Even the way we eat! Even if that is so, we still cannot forget that we are so much more than a mother. We are women. We are friends. We are sisters. We are daughters. We mother, but we also work, play, love, live and laugh. We are whole people.

So, this time around, we came up with a bunch of features that focuses on YOU. No kids, no partners, just YOU. This feature is called Me, Me, All About Me and we want you to indulge.

We’ve launched a new series called BetterMe Choices, where moms share their chosen favorites for their everyday things. Two weeks ago was all about skincare as our moms share their favorite moisturizers. Last week they shared their favorite shows for you to get an idea of what to watch for that next evening off at home. The next one is called “The one with the wine.”

BetterMe is also fully utilizing the fun and quirky platform of Facebook Live, with real-time makeup sessions and conversations with other mothers about anything under the sun. Tune in and take part in the talk! We would love to hear your name pop up in the comments as we broadcast live!

To round all of this up is a new weekly feature called Better Women, Better Moms. Here we feature some of the women we’ve met along the way, people who have inspired, not just us, but a lot of others. We are excited to share their stories with you.

So, take a glass of your chosen drink, whether it be warm milk or chilled wine, and kick back with us. It’s our time now.

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