Better Me. Better Mom. Better Generation.

The Journey of Finding a BetterMe

This year, I turned 40. When I look back, I realize there are 3 things that drove big changes in my life:

1. Entrepreneurship. My corporate life taught me a lot and gave me life-long friends but it was in entrepreneurship that I found my footing, that I discovered true multi-tasking, that I experienced humility and that I realized a sense of achievement.

2. Being a wife and a mother. Motherhood is the deepest form of religion I have ever known. My relationship with my husband and my kids are the main drivers for wanting to improve myself.

3. Social Media. The internet and Mark Zuckerberg’s genius may receive a lot of flak but to me, in the last 5 years of being on social media constantly, it has made me smarter; it has made me understand myself and others better it has ironically made me less rant-y and judgmental and most importantly, it has given me a loving support group of mom friends.


Leading up to this year, these 3 things have fallen into place and have come together in a passion project called, officially born on October 19, 2014, when 9 of the founding moms attended the Discover Your Core weekend of The One Core with Coach Pia Acevedo.

Discover Your Core gave us a deeper understanding of ourselves and continues to help us become more self-aware and in turn, make better decisions. That weekend gave us the inspiration to come together and do something better for ourselves and for the next generation, our children.

That weekend brought to life BetterMe. And after a year and 40 years for me, here it is. Let’s all be better together.

Kris de Guzman
Founding Member,